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King`s Fork High School2

Suffolk, VA | Suffolk City County

April 9, 2015

Kings Fork is a Great School! The kids/parents rating this school, came to this site to complain and the more complaints, the less rating. It's really not a good system for rating the schools. Not many people do surveys unless they have something to complain about. If you are from out of the area, this site might not be the place to get the real rating. Drive a neighborhood, ask parents what they think of the schools here. You might be surprised!!

Submitted by a parent

April 15, 2013

As a current student at Kings Fork High School. There are a lot of good and bad points. The administrators always focus on the small, petty things like: tardys, Dress code, Tresspassing, ect. When it's time to go home, many students are left to ride second load and usually get home at 3:30 when we get out at 2:15. It could be the hotest or the coldest of days and the administrators force the students outside in the heat/cold. They even go as far as threatening suspension for roaming the halls so escape the winters cold or the springs heat. The teachers at this school are not always helpful, some of them act as if they don't care one bit. The teaching style is horrid, some teachers don't even know what they are doing. The school charges way to much for lunch (really does). As a stated before, the school focuses on the petty stuff when they should be focusing on our academics. Instead of suspending us for the dumb stuff they accuse us for. they should try to keep us in the school so we all can learn and graduate on time.

Submitted by a student

March 22, 2012

This school's lack of discipline is outrageous. The students do and say whatever they please. They openly text on the phone in class, eat & drink, in class, sleep in class, lesson to their ipods, disrupt class and no one does a thing about it. All the teachers look exhausted and like they have given up. I feel very sad for the few students who actually care about their education. I blame the administration completely

August 10, 2011

As a previous student of KFHS, and three years post-grad, I can honestly say I don't miss this school. I originally started in Va Beach programs and when I came to the Suffolk area I was highly disappointed with the school system as a whole. They do not offer the advancements that many students really need and strive for and if you don't "fit into the mold" you aren't of much worth. And the lack of discipline and control is outrageous. And the lack of support from the administration for the staff or even at times for the students was sad. On more than one occasion I found myself sitting in the principals office having to defend my grades and making copies of all of my assignments because my teacher was losing them and failing me. I don't want to discourage parents from allowing their children to go there because it will never change if everyone leaves. But if you do allow your students to stay in the system, stay on top of your student. Check their grades and listen to them when they tell you they are having a problem with another student or administrator. There was a lot of fabulous people there and there are also a lot that aren't high on the standards. Hope this helps.

Submitted by a student

March 5, 2011

I personally think that this is one of the best schools, judging on the fact that I now live in New York city and I attend a school that is thought of as "great to be in New York". The learning style is very different and King's Fork was far more devoted to high standards of learning and overall skill mastery. Whereas my school in New york is far more focused on meaningless group activities and possesses inadequate materials and a very unstructured curriculum. Classwork is no longer a challenging aspect of my student life and the lack of extra curricular activities is a big disappointment. I'm definitely considering going back to this school

Submitted by a student

January 6, 2011

As a teacher at KFHS, there are good points and bad points. There a lot of good teachers, and a lot of great kids. SPS in general is too concerned with petty issues, like lesson plan format, and not concerned enough with what matters, education. They will try to push teachers who are different and innovative out, because they don't always want to fit into the mold they've created. And they don't like people from out of Suffolk. If you as a parent are going to be involved in your child's education, it's a great place. If not, it may depend on the luck of the draw.

Submitted by a teacher

September 7, 2009

With only a few exceptions, King's Fork teachers have little interest in achieving any sense of success. In fact, when asked - not one teacher could tell me how they define or measure success for their efforts. King's Fork has likely become a victim of overburdening government regulations, public apathy, and the decline of public support.

Submitted by a parent

June 8, 2009

I love this school and it is not over crowed folks just know we have the best high school around so of course they want to come i dont blame them

Submitted by a student

October 1, 2008

School although new is becomming increasingly crowded ... they need another high school and more one on one

Submitted by a parent

July 30, 2008

As a former student of this school, I have to say I was not impressed at all and and do not feel I got the most out of my high school experience. There were a few great teachers, but overall the quality was very low. Extracurricular activities outside of sports were almost nonexistent as well. I wouldn't recommend this school to parents.

Submitted by a student

June 20, 2008

My experience with this school dealing with the staff, whether the assistant principal or some of the teachers, they gave me an impression of lackadaisy attitude. Administratively disorganized and displayed no efforts in correcting problems of public school buses constant arriving late in picking up students.

Submitted by a parent

October 25, 2007

SPS is internally disorganized and caters to parent complaints instead of academic rigor. Students are solely taught to the test here, and graduates do not fare well their first years in college as they must take remedial courses. I would not work for, or put my child through an SPS until the downtown leadership changes on several levels, and the community becomes more active and supportive on the secondary level.

Submitted by a teacher

January 2, 2007

I do not feel as a student that kfhs has alot to offer for young adults curriculum wise but it is a new school and the area is building up so hopefully as the demand gets stronger for challenging cirricullim hopefully the school may change.

Submitted by a student

June 8, 2006

Kings Fork High School is a new school in the Suffolk Area. Overall I am happy with the education process and the importance the school shows toward Tests. They offer many extras for the students, such as sports, ROTC and many youth clubs.

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